About Me

Yuba Gold Fibers is a small business located in Northern California. We use fibres and wool sourced from our farm for the  weaving and art pieces. We also use locally sourced product.

The Animals

On the farm there is goats and sheep. They live their pasture which is their natural environment most of the year. They do not wear coats which means their wool starts out with plenty of vegetation.  At the farm there is also 2 maremma livestock guardian dogs that keep the animals safe from predators.


A local mill is used to wash, clean and pick the raw fleeces’ of vegetable matter.  At the mill, the fleeces’ are then carded into a soft and fluffy roving. In the final product some roving can contain a slight amount of vegetation. Our sheep are sheared in the spring and our goats are sheared in spring/fall.


We only use natural locally harvested dyes in Northern California.

Natural Dyes – why use them?

Natural dyes produce a variety of rich and complex colours. The results are also unexpected which makes them exciting to use. It is easy to design using natural colours, they complement each other well and rarely clash. Synthetic dyes often look bright and garish and they require more skill in colour matching.


Yuba Gold Fibers is a proud member of the Northern California Fibershed.

What is a Fibershed?

A Fibershed is a geographical landscape that defines and gives boundaries to a natural textile resource base. Awareness of this bioregional designation engenders appreciation, connectivity, and sensitivity for the life-giving resources within our homelands.